First Couple Pics of JLaw, Chris Martin Pretty Disappointing


Jennifer Lawrence is the hottest female star in Hollywood currently, and Coldplay’s Chris Martin is always hot – so why aren’t their photos sizzling?

Some pictures were snapped of the new couple backstage at a Coldplay show, and it doesn’t look as if they were really having a good time together. Usually, they are not even hanging out with each other, rather Lawrence is doing her own thing while Martin is wandering around in the background.

Everyone was expected Martin, fresh off his divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow to be head over heels in love with Lawrence, but we have yet to see any photographic evidence of the two genuinely enjoying each others’ company.

Maybe they are hot and heavy in private and could one day be ready to start showing it in public, but for know, the so called “Martin Lawrence” couple is far from the hottest pairing in Hollywood and beyond.

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