Gomez Gets Back With Bieber to Help Him Out?


There have been rumors circulating that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together. And even though it has not been confirmed, it is definitely a story that could be true.

Most fans of the former couple believe that Gomez has moved on and that she doesn’t want any part of what Bieber has become. They were always a wholesome couple and Justin has been anything but recently.

However, sources close to the two are saying that a reunion would make perfect sense. Many believe that Bieber is completely lost with Gomez and that a lot of his acting up lately is directly related to the fact that he is still heartbroken over losing her.

And a lot of these people say that Gomez has a really positive effect on Bieber and if anyone can get him back on the right track, it’s her.

The two have been spotted going on dates. But these are not the dates that you would expect two hot young superstars to go on. They were seen taking a trip to the zoo together and attending Bible study.

Sources close to the couple say that they are taking it slow and that Gomez wants to help Bieber get his life back on track. Bieber has turned into quite an annoyance recently.

He has been acting like a snobby rich kid all around the world, and tarnishing his image as a role model for young boys and girls with irresponsible behavior and even getting arrest.

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