Halle Berry: Stop Straightening Her Hair!


TMZ.com reported that Gabriel Aubry is being sued because he straightened his daughter’s hair without his ex. Halle Berry, knowing about it.

According to Halle’s lawyer. Aubry has tried to made Nahla “look white” (whatever that means), by changing her hair. We don’t know what’s more weird: that Halle Berry got what she wanted – judge ordered Aubry to stop with the hair-dos or that she actually found time to sue him in the first place?

Halle Berry just took Gabriel Aubry to court … claiming he’s trying to make their 6-year-old daughter white.

Halle was furious Gabriel was straightening Nahla’s naturally-curly hair, lightening it with highlights and she is convinced it’s because he does not want the girl to appear to be African American.

Halle didn’t show in court Monday morning, but her lawyer Steve Kolodny did, along with Gabriel and after a lot of arguing the judge ruled NEITHER Halle nor Gabriel could change Nahla’s look from its natural state.

So the judge is allowing Nahla’s hair to grow back naturally.

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