Halle Berry Turns Gymnast (VIDEO)


The 47-year old actress Halle Berry and funnyman Jimmy Fallon starred in a segment ‘This is How We Roll’ and showed some impressive gymnastic moves on Tuesday, July 8.

The beauty stopped by Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” to promote her TV show titled “Extant,” and took a break to show amazing gymnastic skill with the late-night host, somersaulting.

The 39-year old comedian got on the ground while she stood over him in a tight dress.

I promise I’m not going to peek, I’m not going to look at anything. Just trust me,” Fallon said while lying down under her.
“Alright, I peeked,” he said.
“How come you’re not looking?” she asked.

Then, they went crazy.

The pair did five perfect rolls linked by their hands and ankles before they collapsed.
“Not kidding. Get ready. #ThisIsHalleRoll,” he tweeted with the smart hashtag preparing his fans for the entertaining part of the episode.

The pair formed what they said was a “human hamster wheel,” and then did a pair of tandem tumbles, hand-to-ankle-to-hand-to-ankle, across the whole stage.
Berry rolled like a pro and didn’t seem to be intimidated by doing acrobatics in a tight black-and-white dress before a live audience.

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