Hayden Panettiere Helps Parents Out During Divorce


Hayden Panettiere is really toughing it out and offering her support to both of her parents while they are going through a fairly ugly divorce. It has been going on for a while, and her mom is basically homeless, with no money at all.

According to Panettiere’s mom, her ex-husband has only paid her four months of spousal support since 2012, and she wants to get him to pay up now. Panettiere’s mother was her manager while she was a minor, but once she turned of age she signed with an agency and her mother was out of a job.

The actress is being really nice and letting her mom crash with her in her Hollywood condo while all of this gets settled. But according to family sources, she’s not taking sides, and has given her dad some very expensive gifts recently and is in contact with him as well.

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