Here’s Caitlyn Jenner’s Message To Her Plastic Surgeon


Caitlyn Jenner, the woman the whole world has been talking about for the past few days, has once again done something amazing. After revealing the biggest secret of her life, acting on it, and stunning the world with her fabulous photos, she has now decided it is time to thank the person who performed her facial feminization surgery – Dr. Harrison Lee.

Jenner signed a copy of her Vanity Fair cover for Lee, thanking him for the great job he did. Having seen the photos, we can only agree with the stunning reality star – the surgeon really did a great job!

After 65 years of living her life as a man, Caitlyn finally has the chance to show the world the gorgeous woman she truly is and enjoy all the love and support she has received since her remarkable transformation. It is impossible to imagine the relief she must feel, and it is really tear-jerking to see Caitlyn expressing her gratitude to the man who made it all possible. Classy move, Caitlyn!

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