If You’re 25 You’re Too Old For Leonardo DiCaprio


Celebrities can find mates without a problem, that’s one of the best things about being famous. However, many famous stars have very strict criteria when it comes to choosing partners. Some want to date other famous people – people who understand what they are going through as public figures. Others will only date people recommended by their friends. Whatever it is, people – both famous and not famous – have a type they are looking for. We all do.

But Leonardo DiCaprio has a very specific type. His girlfriends not only have to be very good looking models or actresses, they also have to be no older than 25. He just broke up with another one that was pushing 26.

Is it possible that he truly doesn’t kind anyone over that age to be attractive? Probably not. It’s probably deeper than that.

Is Leo simply dedicated to the bachelor lifestyle and doesn’t want anyone who is interested in any type of commitment? Or is the famed 41-year-old actor going through one of the ultimate and longest midlife crises of all time? You decide.

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