Jaden Smith Flirts With Sister’s Half-Naked Photo Scandal


Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s teenage son, has welcomed controversy like his little sister Willow, after also posting a half-naked picture with reality TV star Kylie Jenner.

On May 5, former Hannah Montana star Moises Arias posted an inappropriate black and white picture on his Instagram.com page. The picture portrays him without a shirt on, while a 13-year old Willow lounges on a bed next to him.

The inappropriate picture caused a storm of criticism, urging Arias to delete it from his social networking account.

Now little Willow’s 15-year old brother is taking all the heat, after Kim Kardashian’s half-sister also posted a black and white photo on her Tumblr blog.

This photo portrays Jenner, a 16-year old, straddling Jaden from behind, as he is sporting only Calvin Klein boxers and a baseball cap, backwards, of course.

The caption to post reads, “*Ksss* (sic) Ahhh… 2014.”

The pair is reportedly dating.

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