Jake Gyllenhaal Shares Embarrassing Halloween Costume Stories

"Nightcrawler" Premiere - Arrivals - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

Most of us had to wear some at-least-slightly humiliating Halloween costume when we were kids, but Jake Gyllenhaal has a couple of really shameful Halloween costume stories. 

Namely, Jack revealed on Conan on Thursday night that his dad was obsessed with making Halloween costumes and poor Jack had to wear them.  There were no store-bough costumes for Jack, ever.

The Nightcrawler actor told host Conan O’Brien that his dad would pull out spandex and cardboard and a voila and Jack had a costume.

“One year, I was a cranberry juice box.”

However, there was one Halloween outfit that really stood out.

“The ultimate one he did, was I was a house one year.”

He added that all he ever wanted to be on Halloween was a superhero.  Well, Jack, tonight’s your night.

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