Jay Z And Kanye Are Spoiled Divas


When you hear about the ridiculous demands some singers and artists have for the hotels they stay in and places they play, you tend to roll your eyes and grumble. But then, you think about it for a while and realize you would probably do the same. If they are so intent on having you, why not have them jump through some hoops? Right?

Kanye and Jay Z are the latest artists we are hearing about who demand quite a bit of hoop-jumping from the hotels they are staying in. Jay Z, for instance, wants his room to be at 71 degree at all times and also smelling of tuberose. He does now want to hear vacuuming. Ever. He only drinks Ace of Spades champagne and he wants the room to be comprehensively childproofed for Blue Ivy.

Kanye wants a specific kind of speakers to be in the room (speakers that haven’t been made for a decade, btw), his floss to be minty and all of the towels to be black. He also wants three bottles of Paradis Hennessy in the room, together with 10 more bottles of assorted booze. Finally, he will not stay in a room where vases are not cylindrical. We kid you not. Cylindrical vases.

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