Jennifer Love Hewitt Sues Over Image Violation


Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is now suing a weight loss company over allegations they used her picture in the promotion without her permission.

The star’s legal team filed a lawsuit at the Superior Court of Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 4. They claim the bosses at The Marz Group LLC have violated her public imagery when they used her photo to endorse Slim Spray since March 2014.

The documents read, “A large portion of the Defendant’s marketing campaign hinges on the exploitation of celebrities.”

According to TMZ, the product first appeared on the reality show Shark Tank, where even the investors decided it was a ‘total scam’.

It is also reported that the actress feels her ‘stellar reputation and credibility’ have been put in jeopardy by the infamous advertisement.

She also said she’s worked too hard to develop her “stellar reputation and credibility” to have it all blown by Slim Spray. Love also says she never gave her permission to the company to use her image.

As for the photo of her holding the product, she states someone put it in her hand on a red carpet event, snapped a picture and it ended up on Slim Spray’s website and ads.

Jennifer is known for her glossy campaigns for beauty products like Neutrogena.

The actress is seeking damages, the ban on the use of her image and legal fees.

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