John Mayer Supports Shia LaBeouf’s Odd Antics


Shia LaBeouf’s odd behavior seems to be getting support. Rocker John Mayer has stood up for the troubled actor, defending him. Even though we’re pretty sure Shia was able to predict the consequences of his acts, he should be thankful to John.

Over the past couple of weeks, Shia hit the headlines several times, starting from bouts in London pubs to weird behavior at a press conference at Berlinale, to walking the red carpet with a paper bag over his head. Soon after, he went to Los Angeles to launch a live art installation.

However, the installation was just as bizarre as his previous antics, but John Mayer claims the former child star just doesn’t know how to deal with his own success.

In a series of tweets, Mayer wrote, “Re: Shia. Being young and very talented/successful is like dropping in to the top of Mount Everest via helicopter… There are moments in life where you need to feel quantum shift, movement. And if where you already are is considered the top… the dumb people disintegrate, and the smart people investigate. That investigation is never comfortable. Or all that pretty.”

In addition, it seems Shia didn’t know what to do with his bag from Berlin so he used it to set up another stint, where he sat motionless with the same bag over his head. What’s more, the actor has repeated the words scribbled on the bag, “I am not famous anymore”, on his Twitter page more than 20 times.

We can’t say Shia’s not getting attention, but there’s bad attention as well. He’s been ridiculed by several Hollywood stars, while Jerry O’Connell set up his own sarcastic installation next to LaBeouf.

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