Johnny Depp Is Getting Divorced Again And It Isn’t Pretty


There was a time when the whole world thought that Johnny Depp was a really nice guy with amazing charisma and an enviable family, but in the last couple of years, he has earned a different, not so flattering reputation.

Since the divorce with Vanessa Paradis, his first wife, he has done much flailing around with numerous Hollywood belles. One particular celebrity – Amber Heard – was the subject of his affection for a while. He wanted to marry her and he succeeded, but apparently not for long, since the couple already filed for divorce.

There is no clear reason as to why the couple split so quickly, but many presume that is has a lot to do with the fact that the Misses almost didn’t show up in front of the altar on the day of the wedding. There are some assumptions that indicate that Heard was not loved by Depp’s family, so that didn’t help their relationship either, not to mention that Depp’s mother recently passed away, which shook good Johnny boy to the core.

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