Johnny Depp , Kevin Smith Make Movie With Daughters


The News that Johnny Depp and Kevin Smith are working on a movie together should be interesting enough for most fans to pay attention. Not only are they working together, but their daughters are also part of the project.

The two are teaming up with their daughters in a movie called Yoga Hosers, which is an action movie about teen girls who are yoga fanatics.

The lead roles in the movie will be played by Depp’s daughter Lily Rose and Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn. The movie is supposed to be a comic book style action adventure flick. Smith is not starring in the film, but he wrote and directed it. Depp will have a minor role in the movie as an ex-cop who the girls meet along the way.

This is one of two new movies from Smith set in rural Canada. The other one is called Tusk, and best of all, Johnny Depp  plays the same character in both of them.

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