Johnny Depp Saves His Dogs’ Lives


Johnny Depp and his missus Amber Heard got into quite a bit of trouble with Australian authorities this week when they “smuggled” their two Yorkies Pistol and Boo into the country. They were given a short window to get the pups out of Australia and today, they did just that.

If you thought that this whole thing was a laughing matter, then you probably weren’t aware of the repercussions the pups would face if Depp failed to get them out. Namely, the dogs would have been euthanized.

This is all because of Australian law which states that smuggled animals have to be put down if they do not go through the required quarantine, which Depp’s dogs hadn’t. Depp and Heard effectively smuggled their dogs on a private plane and “forgot” to register their entry into the country.

And while the dogs have escaped this ordeal unscathed, the famous actor might not. He is expected to pay a handsome fine, which actually happens to be a good thing. Namely, this sort of smuggling can earn you 10 years in an Australian prison.

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