Julia Roberts’ Mum Hospitalized After Recent Family Loss


The death of Nancy Motes was simply a too heavy burden for her mother leading her to end up in the hospital a few days ago. Julia Roberts’ half-sister was found dead from a drug overdose earlier this month, and last Thursday a family lawyer confirmed her mother was hospitalized.

The lawyer didn’t provide any more details about the condition of Betty Lou Motes.

Roberts still hasn’t commented on the personal loss even though she canceled most of her appearances these last few weeks to mourn the loss of her sister.

A couple of days ago, Motes’ fiancé issued a statement where he denied several rumors stating Motes was abandoned by her family.

He wrote, “We loved her dearly and will miss her always. Please know that the words she wrote in online venues were those of someone in pain who loved her family and longed for a closer bond with them.”

“Nancy was a kind and thoughtful person quick to give a hug or share her memorable laugh,” the statement continues. “John is heartbroken and requests that he be left in peace to recover from a loss that all should understand.”

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