Justin Bieber Can’t Sell His Mansion Due To Repair Debts


It seems Justin Bieber’s intentions to sell his California mansion will have to wait a bit, since it’s rumored the singer owes $85,000 to repair damage to the property. Still, we doubt that amount will make a difference for a buyer.

Fortunately, for the singer’s neighbors, Bieber left his Calabasas home in January and settled down in Atlanta after numerous conflicts with police in the California gated community.

Justin’s been criticized for his loud parties, reckless driving through the neighborhood and assaulting a neighbor’s house with eggs.

According to reports, TV star Khloe Kardashian bought the property for $7,2 million, but their contract cannot be valid until Bieber pays off what he owes for repairs.

 Jason Merritt / Getty Images Entertainment

Jason Merritt / Getty Images Entertainment

Bosses in a construction company stated they carried out $85,000 worth of repairs in Bieber’s home, but the singer still hasn’t paid the bill, after the executives have filed legal papers.

TMZ reports the contract will be void, if the troubled singer still hasn’t paid the bill by next week.

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