Justin Bieber Flirts With Nareesha In Front Of Her Fiancé


Troubled singer Justin Bieber flirted with beautiful Nareesha McCaffrey right in front of her fiancé, Siva Kaneswaran.

Justin Bieber shares the same record label with the British singer Siva and even recorded the song with his band the Wanted right after Scooter Braun, manager, introduced them in 2009.

We know for some time that Justin is not actually afraid of anyone, so he deliberately flirted with the singer’s fiancé, possibly only to provoke a reaction from Siva.

Justin sat beside Nareesha, put his arm around her and said: ‘Yo Siva’. He nodded at me and kissed her on the cheek.”

I was like, ‘You’re an absolute a**e. Why’d you do that? You’re in for it. After, every time I saw him he was scared. Bieber is going through a phase. He’s a cheeky kid,” Siva told Britain’s Daily Mirror. According to his words, he’s very familiar with Justin’s ways.

Cameron Clegg/WENN

Cameron Clegg/WENN

Bieber’s duet with The Wanted band was dropped out after they decided it’s not a good fit for their album, due to overall R&B sound.

In 2012, Bieber is said to have walked up to the singer and jokingly smacked him twice in the private area.

Justin Bieber is a prankster,” Jay McGuiness told The Mirror. “He pranks people all day. Although I’m not actually sure that what he did to Siva was a prank.”

We’d done the show and Justin basically just came up and punched Siva hard in the balls. And then did it again. Siva wanted to hit him back, but you can’t go around smacking kids… he’s only little.”

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