Justin Bieber Has Serious Hockey Skills


Are all Canadians good at hockey? Watching a clip of Justin Bieber lacing up his skates and scoring a goal in a men’s league game might prove this theory to be true.

The pop idol looked very impressive in a video that he posted on his Instagram account. He takes the puck down the ice, makes a great move to elude a defender and puts the puck in the net.

Of course, Bieber was never a modest person, and accompanied the clip with the hashtag #younggretzky, among others. Honestly, he’s a bit on the small side to play hockey, and there’s a good chance that the players on the other team had orders to not hurt him, but you can’t deny that he’s got some good moves.

We’ve seen him play basketball as well, and after this video, it’s easy to see that the Canadian in him is strong and he should probably stick to the ice if he wants to make some more highlight videos to post online and brag about.

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