Justin Bieber Reads Tweets From Beliebers


Justin has already done Mean Tweets with Jimmy Kimmel. That’s the series that the late night host runs in which he gets celebrities to read some of the terrible things that people have said about them on Twitter.

But during this feature with Billboard Magazine, Justin Bieber did something a little different. You should know that Bieber did participate in Mean Tweets a couple of years back, but this was something more…pleasant.

He was reading Sweet Tweets this time, tweets that were sent from the army of Beliebers that gush about the singer every day on social media. As you can imagine, it wasn’t hard to find nice things that were said about Bieber by his biggest fans.

One of the coolest ones game from a girl who said that Justin was like pancakes, in the sense that both pancakes and the singer make her really happy. Isn’t that cute?

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