Justin Bieber Still Misses Selena Gomez


While it may seem that Justin Bieber is having a great time with his new sweetheart Hailey Baldwin, the truth is that he still really misses his teenage love Selena Gomez.

Rumor has it that Justin seriously misses his famous ex-girlfriend, even though it looks like it’s definitely over between them now that Bieber has been seen with Hailey Baldwin in St. Barts. According to an insider, Bieber just can’t get over Gomez, despite knowing that they should both just move on with their lives. Moreover, the source claims it’s Bieber’s fault that the former lovers are no longer together.

To quote the insider:

They are different people because Justin made it that way. He continued to push her away time after time and then when she didn’t come back the way she usually would after his ‘My Girl’ stunt he could tell that he lost her. He pushed her away too much and now they just have memories.

In an interview on The Bert Show, Bieber admitted that he was still holding a door open for Selena, although this statement was made a month before Bieber went public with his new girlfriend. In any case, it doesn’t look like they’ll be getting back together anytime soon.

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