Justin Bieber Threatens Lawsuit Over Nude Pics


As the entire online community already knows, a naked picture of Justin Bieber has been given to the world this week. The pop star was vacationing in Bora Bora and hanging out, chilling on his balcony butt-naked when someone apparently snapped a photo of him in which you can see everything very clearly, including his manhood.

And even though just about everyone who cares to see the photo has already seen it, Bieber’s legal team wants to try and make sure that it stops making the rounds.

They are threatening the New York Daily News with a lawsuit, since this portal was the first one to feature the picture. The lawyers have given the website 12 hours to take the photo down before they take legal actions.

However, the photo agency that actually took the photo and sold it seems to be calling Bieber’s bluff. They are saying that despite what Bieber’s lawyers claim, there was no violation of privacy involved in the act of snapping this picture.

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