Kate Major Lohan Arrested For Attacking Husband


Kate Major Lohan was arrested on Thursday, April 16 in Boca raton for drunkenly attacking husband Michael Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s dad.

The story started when Kate came home after picking up some dinner. She had an alcohol relapse and was drunk. According to Michael, when she came home they quarreled and the fight eventually escalated and turned physical. He was shirtless at the time and Kate scratched him down his back.

Michael called the police at 7:02 PM. When the officers arrived, according to the report, Kate was visibly intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. The officer described her slurred speech, bloody eyes and flushed face. She was cuffed and arrested her.

The officer says Kate admitted she’d been drinking, then ranted about nonsense. Kate said Michael accused her of cheating and provoked her into a fight.

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