Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Couldn’t Be Happier


It is clear from all their public statements that love is not in deficit in this famous home. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman seem to have it all figured out, but Urban is still learning how to take care of their little girls. Having been brought up in a family of all boys, he does not know much about raising girls, but he is enjoying the learning process.

He has recently been praised by his wife Nicole for being a very devoted husband, as he took care of her while she was mourning the sudden loss of her beloved father. Now, the couple has something to look forward to, as their wedding anniversary and her birthday are coming up. They will not have much privacy on their anniversary, as Urban has a gig scheduled for that night, but Nicole will be right by his side dancing. The birthday party will give them some much needed seclusion, as Kidman wants to celebrate it with her family.

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