Kellan Lutz Isn’t Dating Miley Cyrus. Or At Least He Says So.


Thousands of fans got excited when rumors about Kellan Lutz dating Miley Cyrus started nearly a month ago. However, the famous actor and the Twilight star denied the rumors claiming that he’s just “friends” with the provocative singer.

“Are we dating? No. These rumors are hilarious.” Lutz said during an interview.

The “Hercules” star ignited the rumors in December when he was seen dancing with Cyrus in Las Vegas. Still, both Cyrus and Lutz denied any rumors about the alleged romance.

He said, “It just makes me laugh. I’ve been friends with Miley for, like, six years. She’s a great girl… We are friends [and] we run in the same circle.” Also adding, “Are we dating? No, I’m happily single… I’m not [looking for a relationship] right now. I’m enjoying life and travelling quite a bit… There’s no real time to find the one.”

However, it seems they have a strong friendship; they even like to kiss occasionally. According to E! News, they’ve been seen several times making out and they haven’t even tried to cover it. Some sources stated that they “didn’t seem to care who was watching,” and that “it wasn’t a secret that they were together.”

Still, as we know from previous occasions, Cyrus is pretty ok with randomly kissing friends since she has been seen tongue-kissing her colleague Cara Delevinge just over a week ago. What’s more, Cyrus has been making out with wrecking balls so kissing friends seems relatively alright in her case.

Lutz broke up with his girlfriend Sharni Vinson in May but reunited with her again over the summer, only to break up for a second time. And as we all know very well, Cyrus also called off her engagement to Liam Hemsworth in September.

“They’re having fun together. They have very similar outlooks. I’m not sure if it has a future, but they have great chemistry so for the time being they’re just having fun,” added one of E! News’ sources.

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