Kevin Hart Gets All ‘Murican In Canada


The main reason why some people don’t like us Americans is that we can be arrogant and that we just do not wish to conform to the way of life in the places we’re visiting. Like, for instance, Kevin Hart this weekend in Canada.

In Canada, when you go to a strip club, you do not travel with an entourage of 8-foot bodyguards with very limited cognitive functions. If you do, you do not have them harass everyone just so you can leave the club at your convenience. In Canada, when someone films you on their phone, you smile. You do not take their phone and break it.

In Canada, when you purchase beverages in a strip club, you pay for your drinks. You do not make the poor waitress run after you outside the club, trying to charge you. Even if you do, you pay in the end.

That’s not communism. It’s called being a nice person.

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