Khloe And Kim Take Lamar Odom For A Hike


We’ve been a bit cynical about the whole Khloe Kardashian really caring for Lamar Odom thing, but even we have to admit that it is looking more and more like the truth. And it’s not only Khloe who is worried about the NBA star’s health and future, as Kim got in on the action too. This weekend, namely, the girls took Lamar on a hike around the Calabasas, getting him out of the house and exercising.

Of course, in the true Kardashian fashion, this “event” also went live, with Kim and Khloe streaming the whole thing. To keep things interesting (or for some other reason), Lamar never features directly in the video, but some details and shadows make it real clear that he accompanied them on the hike.

TMZ’s sources say that both Lamar and the girls were so happy that he was able to do the whole hike with them and that his rehabilitation is going great.

Khloe also left this inspirational message on her Instagram account:

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