Kim Basinger Apologized… For Making Bad Comedies!


Kim Basinger, an American actress and singer, has said something you don’t hear quite often in Hollywood. Namely, the actress apologized for making so many “bad comedies” during her career.

Kim won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and made some notable appearances in The Natural and L.A. Confidential, but despite that, she made several comedies which she admitted weren’t quite a success.

“I’ve made some bombs in my life but I came from comedy and worked with some really great people who taught me so much. I had great teachers so whenever I get to exercise that, I do,” said Kim in an interview with UK’s Daily Express.

“I know what it takes to put a film together but I can’t help produce some really bad comedies sometimes. I’m sorry.”

Her movies that influenced the decision to express an apology are 1987’s Blind Date with Bruce Willis, along with My Stepmother Is an Alien with Dan Aykroyd, which received mostly terrible reviews.

Kim found fame for her roles in movies such as 9½ Weeks, I Dreamed of Africa and 8 Mile.

Even though we don’t fully understand the point of her apology, we certainly do appreciate it since honesty is such a rarity in Hollywood these days. Way to go Kim… Uhm, we guess.

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