Kim Kardashian Fires Back At Celebrity Critics Of Nude Photo


Isn’t it strange that people are still criticizing Kim Kardashian for taking nude pictures and posting them on the Internet? She’s done a Playboy spread, people. Oh yeah, and just about everyone on the planet has seen her sex video.

But the haters keep coming out the woodwork, and the reality star is always ready to shut them down. This time, even celebrities took to Twitter to say something about the latest nude photo she posted.

“Kick-Ass” star Chloë Grace Moretz was one of the first, telling Kardashian that she should think about setting a better example for young girls you idolize her.

Singer and actress Bette Midler also made a joke about Kardashian, saying that if she wants to show the world something they haven’t seen, she’d have to swallow a camera.

British journalist Piers Morgan made a joke about Kardashian too, tying in the recent tweets that her husband, rapper Kanye West, made about being heavily in debt. But Kardashian was quick to respond to him to. To see what she had to say to all of them, check out the tweets yourself.

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