Kim Kardashian Photo Shoot Was Back-Breaking

Kim Kardashian Celebrates The Launch Of Her New Fragrance "Fleur Fatale"

Kim Kardashian’s bottom is definitely one of her most recognizable features and also a subject of much gossip and speculation.

The photo shoot Kim did for Paper Magazine basically focused on that feature alone, and ended up “breaking the Internet.”

After this much talked about shoot, Kim herself said in an interview that she was very happy about it, but admitted that it was exhausting. She said she had to use her muscles to balance a champagne glass on her butt and that after the shoot she had a sore back for a week.

The reality star is, however, very satisfied that she went through with all that because she wanted to do something artistic, and the shoot by a legendary photographer Jean-Paul Goude certainly is artistic.

Kim says that shooting these photos with Goude made her more confident and helped her feel good about herself, despite the physical strain she had to undergo.

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