Kim Kardashian Will Sing Again


Kim Kardashian is looking to relaunch her pop music career.

If you don’t remember, in 2011, Kim attempted the singing thing with her song “Jam (Turn It Up)”, but it was disastrous.

Not only she a terrible singer, but the song is probably the one ever recorded. Ever.

The reality TV star is now hoping to get some help from her husband Kanye West. Someone apparently told them it would be in their best interest to give her vocal coaching along with songwriting course.

A source said, “Kim has told pals she’s keen to be taken seriously as a vocal artist. Kanye will advise on the project, which he’s given his full backing. She’s started vocal coaching and songwriting lessons and set up meetings with record companies.”

Prior to the idea of her beginning to record music once again, Kim has said that she would never sing again.

She said, “No, I’d never [make another single], that was just for fun, and for charity.”

As for whether or not Kim will be singing while Kanye raps, she said, “No, as good as I think he is, it’s just not my thing.”

And then she said, “I’m not a singer, this isn’t what I do. I have too much other stuff going on. I thought ‘Is this really something safe for me to do?’ Kanye was actually one of the people who really talked me into doing it and telling me, like, ‘Hey, look, what do you guys do for fun? You guys go shopping, you go to the movies. Kind of step into our world for a second and have fun, and we go to the studio.’ I’m just doing it for fun.”

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