Kourtney Kardashian Cheaps Out on Tip


The Kardashians seem to do a good job of angering people whenever they make a trip up to the Hamptons. This time, it was Kourtney who was in town with her husband Scott Disick.

It was made clear recently that they two were expecting their third child soon. While their reps said that it was a planned pregnancy, it looks like they are going to make it look unplanned in the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians just to make it more interesting.

But let’s get back to the news at hand. It turns out that Kourtney and Scoot have been in the Hamptons for the last several weeks and that they just stiffed someone at a local eatery.

If you know anything about the Hamptons, you know that only really rich new celebrities and people with old money live there, and you probably can guess that they really don’t like reality television stars – especially when there are cameras everywhere because of them.

And now they will hate the Kardashians even more. It turns out that after getting a free lunch at a local restaurant, Kourtney didn’t even have enough sense to at least leave a tip. It wasn’t that it was a small tip, it was no tip at all!

The details are shady, but it seems that no one was enjoying the fact that the Kourtney was there. People in the restaurant were being made to sign releases to appear on the show and everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the couple left.

Her reps said that the production team left a generous tip, but that still does not excuse Kourtney for not leaving any money at all.

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