Kris Jenner Breaks Wrist In Car Accident


The Kardashians had a serious scare yesterday when they received news of their matriarch Kris Jenner being in a car accident. First to arrive to the scene was Kylie Jenner, who was quick to inform the Twitter-verse that her mom’s fine.

The famous reality show star got in a car crash because the owner of the Prius that collided with her brand new Rolls Royce ran a red light and tried to cut her off. Both cars were damaged pretty good. The unfortunate thing is that Kris’ Rolls Royce was but a week in her custody before the accident happened.

Very concerned family members rushed to be by Kris’ side while she received medical care right there, in her banged up car. She didn’t suffer any serious injuries, but her wrist was broken which had to be fixed as soon as the paramedics arrived. Her daughters, Kylie and Khloe were very disturbed when they arrived at the site, as was Kris’ son-in-law, Kanye West.

It seems that Kris’ general health is in good shape, now the only thing for her to do is take care of her wrist and maybe mourn the loss of her $250,000 Rolls Royce.

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