Kristen Stewart Is Apparently Pretty Open About What She Feels


Stewart, 25, claims that her “unabashedly raw” emotions helped her with her performance in her new movie, “Equals,” an indie drama dealing with humans losing all ability to feel. She says:

I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve, sometimes that provides a little bit of a tougher road, but for me it’s definitely more preferable.

This revelation came to her on the set of “Equals”, while recording heart-warming scenes with her co-star Nicholas Hoult. The two star as people who live in a world where no human can feel, except when afflicted with SOS, or Switched On Syndrome – this enables the person affected to slowly regain their ability to feel.

The movie is very emotional at times, and many have taken to notice how Kristen has really stepped up her “feeling game.” After her performance in “Twilight” she was viewed by many as an actor without any ability to act out emotions whatsoever, but “Equals” is solid proof that she is, in fact, more than able. She compared her acting in “Equals” as the moment when first love is found.

She adds:

It’s such a grand look at awakening. You take every first you ever had and you bottle it up in a moment and the devastating effect is something like anyone who has fallen in love at a young age has felt.

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