Kylie Jenner Rocks Butt Enhancing Spandex


If you want to know how the younger Jenner sister Kylie gets that plump look for her butt, we are going to tell you. Actually, if you follow her on social media, then you probably already know.

She just posted a photo on SnapChat to praise a pair of spandex pants that she was modeling, saying that they were “bomb.” A fan was apparently laughing at the post on Twitter, commenting on the fact that you can see that Kylie is wearing butt pads in the photo.

But Kylie didn’t get mad, she worked in a plug for the spandex. Apparently, these are Spanx that she is wearing, and they have pockets for added butt volume. Also, they help to shape your stomach and hips as well. And Kylie didn’t stop there, she even posted a link so that fans who were interested could know where they can get themselves a pair. If you want them, they are only $44.

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