Kylie Jenner Told To Get Legal On Her Aggressive Fans’ Butt


The L.A. County Sheriffs are advising Kylie Jenner to take out a restraining order on her fan who has been harassing her for months and who was recently captured after finding his way out of a psych ward where he was held after his most recent attempt to reach Kylie at home.

They are telling her this for a very simple reason – if she takes out a restraining order, the fan will not be able to come within hundreds of feet of Kylie at the risk of ending up in prison for much longer period of time.

Basically, they are saying they cannot hold him for more than 72 hours at the moment and that this would ensure he remains imprisoned for a much longer time if he chooses to harass her again.

We’re just hoping this does not only egg him on to make the most of his last chance.

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