Kylie Jenner’s Company Struggling To Deliver The Goods


Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics company may have some really great products but the company just needs to find a way to get that lip gloss to the buyer in one piece.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the company is receiving an “F” in consumer satisfaction currently. Apparently, most of the complaints are connected with shipping issues. The company just can’t seem to deliver their Lip Kits properly. Many of them are arriving damaged or with missing parts. Some just aren’t arriving at all.

Company officials think that people might be vandalizing the boxes since they are shipped in recognizable packages that immediately let you know that it’s a Kylie Jenner product. Maybe they’ll try toning it down a bit now, see if that works.

This year alone, 133 complaints about the company have been filed with the BBB and some never got resolved.

But don’t worry about Kylie. Even though her company’s customer service might not be the best, she is still selling tons of products.

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