Lady Gaga Says Tony Bennett Saved Her Life

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga "Cheek To Cheek" Taping - Red Carpet

According to Lady Gaga, jazz crooner Tony Bennett has become an unlikely friend.

She also said that she would not be who she is today if she had not met Bennett. Gaga revealed that she was feeling down because of the lack of success that her most recent album “Artpop” achieved. The relatively low sales and bad press that the album received really did a number on Gaga.

She said that six months ago, she was contemplating quitting music entirely and said that she did not feel like singing anymore. She then started collaborating with Bennett and he helped her get through it.

Bennett told her that he never once had a day on which he did not want to do what he is doing, and that inspired her to go on.

She also said that Bennett gave her great life advice and convinced her to hold off on settling down and starting a family.

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