Lady Gaga To Release New [Hopefully Decent] Album


Lady Gaga has had a good start to 2016. She won a Golden Globe for her acting in “American Horror Story: Hotel.” Hopefully, this means that she is ready to get back to making good music.

As we all know, her last album “Artpop” was pretty much disliked across the board. It was panned by critics everyone and not even her most rabid fans could find many redeeming qualities in it. Perhaps, the “Cheek to Cheek” album that she did with the legendary Tony Bennett is proof that she still has some pretty excellent music in her.

At the red carpet of the Golden Globes, Gaga hinted of a new album in the works, telling the media that we can all expect to hear some new tunes soon. She said that there is no time table for the album yet, but it is definitely going to drop in 2016.

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