Lamar Odom Won’t Stop Drinking, Khloe Wants Him In Rehab


Former NBA star and reality television celebrity Lamar Odom, as we all know, was knocking at death’s door only a few months ago. Now that he has survived, he can’t seem to stop drinking.

Perhaps he realized that he was close to death and wants to celebrate his miracle with a drink every now and then. Or maybe this is his way of dealing with a near death experience. Whatever it is, his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian is not feeling it.

While Odom has no problem attending all of the physical rehab sessions he has to, he doesn’t want to hear about going to rehab over his drinking problem. Khloe is urging him to enter an outpatient program, but he’s just not having it.

This probably wouldn’t be a problem for anyone if it was not for Odom’s history with drug and alcohol abuse. Even his children, who currently live in New York, are really upset about it and want him to get help.

According to sources, Khloe is ready to give up on Odom, saying that she’s done with giving him second chances and treating him like a child.

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