Lohan’s Bizarre Video On TV Shows Brutal Dare Game


Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has shared a bizarre video with the world, portraying a brutal game of ‘dare’ in which one of her pals has his ears pierced with a knife.

The star filmed the clip by herself during a friendly gathering in New York City. It was aired as part of her reality TV show Lindsay.

In the footage, one of her friends is dared to have his ear pierced. He can also be heard screaming and cursing while another friend takes a knife to execute the ‘dare’.

Lindsay’s dare, however, was to stay sober during her nights out, after completing her sixth rehabilitation last summer, 2013. Her friends, of course, indulge themselves in alcohol.

She said, “I feel like I can go out to clubs. And I’m so social, anyway, too. When I go out, I’m talking the whole time, outside, smoking a cigarette, going back inside, and I dance all the time when I go out. I love dancing. So I have other things that I find more exciting than sitting and just drinking… I know what the demons are that are going to be in that kind of energy in that place.”

Like if it’s a club or something, I know what I’m tempting. But I can hang around people that have drinks. I feel comfortable with not being tempted to.”

In the previous episode, the star admitted she had enjoyed some wine while suffering a relapse.

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