Madonna Treats Us To Some More Of Her Delusions Of Grandeur


We’ve been warning you that all this Madonna-worship cannot end well. We tried to tell you that her songs aren’t any better than any other pop drivel and that she’s been ripping off artists for decades, pretending she was an innovator and messiah.

Did you listen? No, you didn’t. You ate up everything she threw at you. And that is why you have no right to criticize the poor old lady for thinking she can stick her flag in parts of NYC and claim them as Madonna Imaginary Land (trademark pending) territory.

She is once again proving that you can become too much of a celebrity by taking over some Upper East Side sidewalk, reserving it for herself and her friends, sending people away with Tenant Parking Only signs, NO PARKING embossed in the sidewalk and yellow paint on it.

Unfortunately for Her Majesty the Almost Scarily Delusional Diva Previously Known as Madonna, one of her neighbors called her BS and called the NYC Department of Transportation. You can be ten times Madonna, you do not mess with NYC Dept. of Transportation. She was basically told off by their people.

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