Margot Robbie Finds Love in New Zealand


At the very end of February, we have another possible celebrity romance. Margot Robbie has reportedly fallen in love with a colleague on the set of her latest movie.

The Wolf of Wall Street star hooked up with a member of the production team, Henry Aitken, during the shooting of the science-fiction movie Z for Zachariah in New Zealand.

Henry has also posted a fairly intimate picture of himself posing with the Australian actress on his Facebook page.

According to Aitken’s Facebook page he lives in Auckland and works as an art director for the multimedia production company Sakowski Studios.

A source told, “She’s got quite a few roles lined up so she’s going to be really busy… but he is in the film industry too so maybe they can find a way to maintain their relationship.

Robbie’s mom has also arrived in New Zealand to visit her daughter during filming. What’s more, it’s believed that she’s already met Aitken, but said, “We can’t and won’t comment.”

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