Mariah Carey’s Current Husband Desperately Postponing Their Divorce


Mariah Carey has had enough of Nick Cannon’s tactics. It appears that this week she had dinner with her divorce lawyers at which they planed out how to put pressure on Cannon, Carey’s husband since 2008.

It seems that even though he filled for divorce in December 2014, he now appears to be reluctant to finish the story. Mariah, on the other hand, wishes for him to hurry it up so that she could marry her new boyfriend James Packer. It seems Mariah went to grab something to eat with the queen of divorce lawyers Laura Wasser and fellow lawyer, Melanie Mandles.

Together, they searched for Cannon’s weak spots so that they could successfully pressure him into closing the deal. Mariah no longer wishes to stay in this ‘limbo’ between the two men and it’s obviously frustrating her. She dealt with it by grabbing some sushi at Nobu with her friend, Stella Bulochnikov.

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