Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Are No More


Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green started their relationship back in 2004 when Megan was only 18. At the time, her youth was considered by pretty much everyone to be the only reason why she would hook up with Brian, whose career, let’s be honest, was going nowhere at the time (or any other time since then).

As years went by, we actually started considering that Megan might actually in love with the Beverly Hills star. In 2010 they even got married and they had two sons. After a while, we even became used to the fact that Brian managed to pull the impossible and stay in a relationship with one of the most desirable actresses in Hollywood.

Well, it seems that his days are over and that Megan will be moving on to greener pastures (get it? Green-er, hahahahaha). Namely, the news is that the couple are divorcing and that they have been separated for 6 months now.

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