Mel Gibson Asks Judge To Erase Battery Case


Hollywood actor Mel Gibson asked a judge to erase battery case from records. He was convicted for slapping his ex-partner Oksana Grigorieva.

The star pleaded no contest to a 2011 charge of battery, after admitting he hit his ex-lover once with an open hand, as he said, “to bring her back to reality”, during a misunderstanding they had.

His sentence was 16 hours of community service, a course of counseling, and three years of probation.

The probation period ended in March 2014, and the star is now looking to have the conviction cleared off his record, according to reports.

The case is scheduled for a hearing at a court in Los Angeles later in May 2014. Relating to his violence, remember the book Heaven & Mel? It was written by Joe Eszterhas. He revealed a few anecdotes about the violent actor.

If you haven’t heard, back in 2011 the Gibsons and the Eszterhases took a family trip to Costa Rica together, where Gibson behaved badly and repeatedly threatened his ex-partner Oksana. Heaven and Mel includes an apologetic note from Gibson: “Sorry for my outburst. I have a vast reservoir of rage-filled pus that from time to time spills out. Ultimately, sometimes even on those I love. Please forgive it — it was wrong of me — Mel.”

But Eszterhas said, “Apology not accepted,” and the two “friends” haven’t spoken since.



In a CNN interview about the book he issued the following note to Gibson, “Please get some help before someone is hurt, because someone will be hurt. Please stop saying these vile things that you’ve said to me and to others about Jewish people. You are a worldwide figure and your responsibility is to work against exactly the kind of hate that you’re advocating.”

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