Michael Jackson Prevented Accuser From Going To School?


Michael Jackson’s last child molestation accuser has reported the late pop king prevented him from attending school so he would be “available” for him on tour.

Accuser James Safechuck’s lawyer, Maryann Marzano, advocates Michael and her client became very close when he was a pre-teen. She also said the friendship was only a mask for molestation, which used to happen in private.

She told TMZ.com the late star prevented James, who appeared alongside Michael in a 1987 Pepsi commercial, from going to school so he would always be with him.

She said, “If there is still any question about the predatory nature of Michael Jackson’s so-called friendships with young boys, it should be laid to rest by the indisputable facts of what Michael did to James Safechuck.”

The specific accusations are sealed, but Michael’s attorney Howard Weitzman says the accusations are “false and scurrilous.”

James’ accusations have been added to a lawsuit filed by Wade Robson, a dancer, in 2013. Robson who is now 31, said he was repeatedly abused by the late star while he was a child.



In February 2014, he asked administrators of Jackson’s estate to release all other names of the children who have been sexually abused by the late singer, as well to release any settlements involving molestation.

Michael was acquitted of child molestation, after a long trial that began in 2004.

The singer died in June 2009.

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