Michael Jackson’s Son Is Working With Justin Bieber


Michael Jackson’s 17-year-old son Prince is reportedly making music with Justin Bieber. According to Page Six, the two friends are working on a ‘major recording album.’ Although no other details about the project have been revealed, a Jackson family source confirmed that Prince and Biebs ‘really dig one another’ and want to crown their friendship with an album.

Both of them live in the same community in California and spend a lot of time together. And it seems they also share a role model; Page Six reports that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been giving Prince a lot of advice, especially about the ladies. He is also encouraging the two to work together on music.

However, we believe that young men shouldn’t look up to Mayweather since his history includes at least seven physical assaults on five women that resulted in arrest or citation, according to Deadspin. Bad choice, guys!

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