Michelle Obama And Jimmy Fallon Team Up Again


Two years ago Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Michelle Obama to perform The Evolution of Mom Dancing—Part 1″ on Late Night. On Thursday, April 2 the pair teamed up again for “The Evolution of Mom Dancing—Part 2” on The Tonight Show. The sketch was set up to  promote the First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” campaign and its new challenge called #GimmeFive.

Jimmy wore the same wig, full on stuffed bra, white t-shirt, pink cardigan and khaki pants that he sported in 2013. Michelle looked a tad more stylish in black slacks, a gingham top and a pink sweater.

Here is the full list of their original dance moves:

  • The “Shimmy Twist”
  • The “Shush and Tush”
  • The “Knock Knock”
  • The “Getting a Bag From Your Collection of Plastic Bags Under the Sink”
  • The “You Go, Girl!”
  • The “This Ol’ Thing? I Got It at Talbots”
  • The “I Can Still Do This Dance Because My Arms Are in Shape”
  • The “Can We Turn the AC Up?”
  • The “One Move Behind in Zumba Class”
  • The “No One’s Looking (Just Makin’ Sure)”
  • The “Trying to Start a Conga Line”
  • The “Oh My God, I Didn’t Know You Were Coming Here!”
  • The “Barack Obama”
  • The “Jimmy Fallon”

Check out the video:

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