Miley-Avril Start Fake Fight

Controversial singer Miley Cyrus has kicked off a fake fight with her pop-rock rival Avril Lavigne. The Wrecking Ball singer declared herself the most popular person in Canada.

She was with her Bangerz tour in Montreal on Saturday, March 29th, and Toronto on Monday, March 31st. While there, she managed to take some time and start fooling around with singer Lavigne.

In her short video footage posted on, Miley can be seen reading a magazine that reads, hand-written, declaring Lavigne to be the “Most famous, beautiful and popular in Canada.”

Miley then strikes with, “Erm, I’m in f**king Canada”, before the Sk8er Boi star walks in and sets her straight, saying, “I’m actually, like, the most famous person in Canada.”

While wearing a Rastafarian-striped onesie, Miley states, “I may not actually be Canadian, but I’m the most famous person in Canada, you dumb f**kin’ b**ch!.”

This rather bizarre video clip ends with the two of them seemingly attacking each other, with even more photos posted by rival Lavigne, showing the two wrestling on the ground and hugging afterwards.

There is also a caption on one of those pictures, mockingly reading, “April fools.”

“F–k you Miley,” the 29-year old Lavigne posted with photos of their altercation.

No need to worry, it’s not another celebrity feud, it’s just merely a timely prank.

“April Fools,” Lavigne wrote hours later captioning a series of smiley pictures of the pair.

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